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Coronavirus and obsessive-type conditions

There is a possible danger that the current uncertainty around COVID-19 could make things worse for those with obsessive-type conditions. For those with OCD or conditions involving cleanliness, neatness, germ-phobia, tidiness or some obsessive behaviours, the COVID-19 outbreak may actually reinforce to them that their problem-behaviours were actually what kept them safe during the...

‘Supported isolation is likely to be particularly stressful’

n this kind of outbreak, does the psychological get considered as important in amongst all the biological and medical issues? Human behaviour will be a key factor affecting the speed and spread of the coronavirus, and therefore an understanding of the psychosocial factors that affect human behaviour in this context will be essential.

The outbreak shows us the psychological makeup of our society,

There are a whole range of factors involved in how the situation will unfold. This will range from the individual level (e.g. individuals’ adherence to official guidelines) to the group level (e.g. how small and larger groups will regulate their behaviour and norms to limit the spread) and finally to the national level (e.g....